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Every penny counts as an economic slowdown
New Delhi: The frustration of the NDA government is that in this age of economic slowdown, it wants to pocket every penny.

Not surprisingly, the railways have increased train fares in the surrounding area from 1 paisa to 4 paisa per km.

Following this clear increase in miniscule fares, public sector oil companies have increased the price of non-subsidized LPG by Rs 19 per cylinder.

Coincidentally, this is the fifth straight increase per month and the price has risen to Rs 139.50 per cylinder since September, reaching Rs 712 per cylinder in Delhi.

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The price hikes in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are Rs 19.5, Rs 21.5 and Rs 20 respectively. Therefore, the price of LPG in all the three metros has been fixed at Rs 685, Rs 747 and Rs 734 per cylinder respectively. The total increase in Mumbai is Rs 138 per cylinder.

In addition, the price of kerosene sold through the public distribution system in Mumbai has gone up by 26 paise to Rs 35.58 per liter. This is in line with the 2016 decision to increase the price by 25 paise per liter every month until the subsidy ends. Delhi has not had a problem since it was declared kerosene-free.

Aviation turbine fuel prices also rose by 2.65 per cent in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata on Wednesday, though at Rs 64.32 per liter, despite being lower than petrol and diesel.

In the national capital, a liter of petrol costs Rs 75.14 and diesel Rs 67.96. The increase will further increase the burden on cash-strapped airlines, which have a competitive edge.

The price of ATF, which powers the aircraft, was increased by Rs 1,637.25 per kl, hitting Rs 64,323.76 per kg in Delhi, the highest since June 2019. This is the second straight monthly increase in warrant prices after the rise in international crude oil prices.
paisa par
paisa par

On December 1, the price of ATF was marginally increased by Rs 13.88 per km, India is dependent on imports to meet 84% of its oil needs and domestic fuel prices are benchmarked internationally. Rated.

Earlier, on December 1, the price of a 19-kg cylinder was hiked to Rs 1,241 in Delhi and Rs 1,190 in Mumbai.

The government subsidizes 12 cylinders allocated to each household annually. Any additional requirement of LPG has to be met by purchasing cylinders at non-subsidized rate.

Even subsidies vary from month to month. This depends on factors such as the average benchmark and changes in foreign exchange rates, which determine the amount of the subsidy.

Meanwhile, the Congress has attacked the government over the increase in LPG and train fares, saying it would be a burden on the common man.

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